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12 Days of Marketing

12 days of marketing

We’re rounding up marketing best practices we’ve suggested to clients this past year. From a marketing plan to a CRM, we’re laying out the best ways to get the most out of 2021 in our 12 Days of Marketing wrap-up. How many of these are checked off your list?

Day 1) Business Plan

  • I had a business plan.
  • I aligned my business goals with my marketing strategy.
  • I regularly checked the progress of the business plan this year.

Day 2) Marketing Plan

  • I had a marketing plan.
  • I stayed aligned with my marketing plan or adjusted it as needed.
  • I used my marketing plan for goal setting.
  • I met/exceeded the goals outlined in my marketing plan this year.

Day 3) Newsletters

  • I had a newsletter that I sent at a regular cadence.
  • I A/B tested subject lines for my newsletter.
  • I made sure the newsletter had links. (And more than one!)
  • I reviewed newsletter metrics and made adjustments accordingly.

Day 4) Privacy Policy

  • I created a privacy policy. 
  • I had a privacy policy landing page on my website.
  • I updated the privacy policy this year.

Day 5) Analytics

  • I properly set up analytics for my website, social, newsletter, ads, etc.
  • I set goals based on metrics for each channel.
  • I regularly checked the metrics.
  • I made adjustments according to the goals previously set.
  • I met/exceeded milestones this year.

Day 6) SEO

  • I had an SEO strategy.
  • I knew my priority keywords.
  • I implemented keywords on my website.
  • I utilized keywords on social media.

Day 7) CRM

  • I had (and used) a CRM.
  • I regularly cleaned up my contact profiles.
  • I integrated my CRM with my email platform.
  • I segmented contacts by industry, sales phase, connection level, etc.

Day 8) Templates

  • I had PowerPoint presentation templates.
  • I had and used newsletter templates.
  • Everyone on my team knew where to find up-to-date templates.

Day 9) Landing Pages

  • I had one main call to action on every landing page.
  • I didn’t have a “wall of words” on any landing pages.
  • I utilized icons on my landing pages.

Day 10) Social Media

  • I didn’t spam my audience.
  • I made my social media accounts personable.
  • I had consistent branding across social media channels.
  • I utilized video on my social channels.
  • I kept my social media channels active

Day 11) Branding

  • I had brand guidelines.
  • I liked my brand guidelines.
  • I utilized my brand guidelines.

Day 12) Marketing Collateral

  • I had consistent branding.
  • I used consistent language.
  • My marketing collateral put my company’s best foot forward.

If you noticed some areas missing from your marketing strategy while reading our 12 Days of Marketing blog, contact us for a free consultation.

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