Is Your B2B Company Ready to Build a Social Media Presence?

B2B social media presence, person typing on a laptop with social media likes and notification icons on keyboard

Is a digital presence necessary for B2B companies? Absolutely yes, 100% it is and this includes social media. However, certain questions must be answered to make a B2B company’s presence on social media meaningful.  The most important questions to answer are:  What content should be prioritized?Why should a B2B company put thought and effort into […]

How Do You Know It’s Time for a Rebrand?

You are out at a networking event (pre-global pandemic) and you are crushing it, captivating bystanders with tales of how your new product/service is disrupting and forever changing the face of the industry. You did it! They want to know more and have requested a business card. You pause. You have a business card but […]

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Marketing Plan?

What happens if you don't have a marketing plan? Close-up of crumpled paper on table with unhappy businesswoman

A while back we went into the reasons why you should formalize a strategic marketing plan. But what happens if you don’t have a marketing plan? Symptoms 1. Reactive and Disorganized Efforts Without a documented plan, your marketing activities become reactive and disorganized. Switching your priorities every week (or every day!) leads to a lot […]

6 Common Myths About Pitching to Investors

There is an overwhelming amount of information about what it takes to make a “successful” pitch deck. With the help of three experts, we can help you wade through all the disinformation on what investors respond to. We’ll cover common misconceptions, how to prioritize, what makes a compelling presentation, and the most frequent mistakes we’ve […]

Pitch Deck Best Practices

Your pitch deck is the crown jewel of your fundraising efforts. As a startup founder, it can be difficult to distill your entire journey, along with your hopes for the future, into a single conversation. However, telling a compelling story is essential to ensure potential investors want to know more. A pitch deck that is […]

Social Media Marketing: A Worthy Investment

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you most likely know who your customers are. But do you know where they are? At least 80 percent of business owners just like you are using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to reach their customers.

The Biggest Website Mistakes B2B Companies Make

B2B company websites can be powerful tools for prospect generation… if you know what you’re doing. As a fractional CMO team, Gladiator has improved dozens of websites. These are the top issues we come across again and again no matter the industry: Designed with no user journey in mind Lack of transparency for sales process […]

Why Should You Formalize Your Strategic Marketing Plan?

Two women outlining the importance of marketing planning

In the same way that companies seek to understand the needs of their clients so that they can deliver the most useful solutions, the purpose of a Strategic Marketing Plan is to understand the goals of a company and prepare the company’s foundation for growth. That growth cannot, and will not, happen efficiently without internal […]

Social Media During a Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way we work and communicate with one another. Some industries have been working from home, others are deemed essential, and everyone is spending more time on social media. Add on nationwide protests and constant coronavirus updates and we are more tethered to our screens than ever before. Engaging with your […]

Email Marketing Best Practices You Need in Your Battle Plan for Success

Email marketing is a cost effective tool in your arsenal to communicate your products and services to a wide range of consumers. Even so, if not done well you could be missing out on better ROI as well as wasting your time and money. In this article you will find email marketing best practices to […]

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Program in 6 Easy Steps

Email is still a valuable marketing channel, but most companies struggle with lists that aren’t performing as well as they would like. Often this is because the list is full of contacts that are several years old and have stopped engaging with emails. Conducting a re-engagement campaign is an easy and important way to keep […]