Company Holiday Newsletter Best Practices

By Sam Branson

Company Holiday Newsletter Best Practices

The holidays are fast approaching which means it’s time to write your company holiday newsletter. Do you have a plan? The holiday newsletter is a great opportunity to re-engage your email audience. Here are some ways to make the most of it.


Plan Ahead

We understand the holidays come fast, which is why it’s important to plan ahead for the holiday newsletter. You know it’s coming. You do it every year. So gather the content early. If you start in December, you will be scrambling to finish before your holiday break.

Include a Gift

Winter is a season of giving so why not gift something to your clients? Brainstorm what they would value from your company. It could be a free or discounted resource, consultation, raffle entry, review, etc. This can vary by industry, so consider in advance what this will look like.

Give Your Creative Team Time

Holiday newsletters tend to include more design work. Make sure to give your creative team time to work with you on designing a fun holiday newsletter.

Content Ideas

Avoid Salesy Pushes

For B2B companies, the holiday newsletter is a great opportunity to thank clients. Don’t try to push new services at the end of the year. (Reserve that for the New Year’s newsletter.) Instead focus on reflection, gratitude, client education and celebration.

Diversify Your Content

Nothing is worse than receiving a newsletter that is just text. Mix it up by including gifs, videos, infographics, graphics, photos, podcasts, etc. The list can go on and on. Find ways to present your message in visual ways.

Don’t Overdo the Holiday Theme

While it might be tempting to make everything cursive, red and green, stick to your company branding. Cursive fonts seem fun, but they are hard to read and most likely aren’t in your company branding guide. Instead, use holiday photos, and holiday visual elements within reason.


Beat the Crowd

Everyone is going to be bombarded by holiday emails in the days leading up to Christmas, so beat the crowd. Send your holiday newsletter two weeks beforehand, at the latest. That way, by the time you leave for holiday break your newsletter is sent and you’ve already been able to analyze its performance.

Holiday Inclusion

Don’t assume that all of your clients celebrate the same holidays, so try to be inclusive. Use words like “Happy Holidays.” 

Subject Lines

Get creative with your subject lines. Now is the time to try new things like emojis or exclamation points. The holidays are the perfect time to be less formal and test new things.


The holiday company newsletter is a great time to get creative. Have fun with it! Thinking ahead allows you to minimize stress while planning, writing and building the newsletter. Happy holidays!

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