How Fractional CMOs Add Value to Sales-Led Organizations

By Nakevia Miller

sales enablement

Gladiator offers B2B (Business-to-Business) Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) marketing consulting services. A Fractional CMO is usually retained on a part-time basis, and provides executive-level marketing leadership for growing organizations. At Gladiator, our Fractional CMO services deliver strategic marketing victories. 

In addition to other types of businesses, we enjoy working with sales-led organizations. These organizations use their sales teams and sales techniques to drive growth. The sales function is the primary force that steers the organization. In these organizations, revenue is generated almost solely on the merit of the sales teams and the relationships they build. 

So, how does marketing add value to sales-led organizations?

Sales Enablement

In a world where the money-making mechanism has been established for years, it can be hard to see what more can be done. But one way that Fractional CMOs add value in sales-led organizations is by creating an environment of enablement through optimization, ensuring all resources are put towards their intended goal – growing your business!

With so much growth potential, high-performance organizations need to invest in sales enablement. This includes optimizing training and customer-facing materials while improving external communications through collaboration between sales and marketing. These initiatives are designed to increase the number of qualified leads over time.

We understand that successful marketing and sales collaboration requires aligning external communication and developing a strong plan of action. This allows the sales and marketing departments to focus on what matters most – sales enablement!

Collaborative Processes and Unified Messaging

Sales enablement is a process of collaboration that can have an immense impact on the success of any business. What would your business look like if you were able to work more closely with creatives, writers, and marketers? Would these partnerships increase creativity in content development or help shorten the time it takes for relationship-building efforts by your sales team? 

By optimizing your external communication through collaboration with creatives and marketers, the process of converting leads becomes easier because your messaging is unified, tailored, customized, and visually appealing. When your sales team talks to a lead on the phone or in person, what they convey matches what the lead has seen in various stages of the sales funnel, which creates a more positive experience for everyone involved. 

A Fractional CMO works with your sales team to provide better structure to the relationship-building insights that your sales team inherently possesses. Integration between marketing and sales reps can help identify what your leads need and want, then convert this knowledge into professional deliverables so that your messaging is clean, clear, and crisp. 

Relationship Building

A Fractional CMO builds your brand awareness and equity in the market. The goal is to create more relationships with potential new customers by giving them something valuable before they engage with you. When prospects have something valuable before speaking with your sales teams, it gives them a more positive feeling overall about your business, making it easier for your sales teams to have productive conversations. 

A successful campaign starts with understanding who will be learning about your organization. As this technique is honed, your cold leads will increasingly feel like they know who you are as individuals and what you are about as an organization before even having an initial conversation. Also, when prospects start remembering how pleasant the experience with your organization was, they will begin to use word-of-mouth marketing with their peers, which creates some of the best leads available.  

Final Notes

Fractional CMOs add tremendous value to sales-led organizations through their ability to enable growth, create collaborative processes and messaging, and by building relationships. Working closely with creatives and marketers helps to ensure that all resources are put towards your main goal of growing your business. Through relationship building, Fractional CMOs provide potential customers with valuable information that makes it easier for them to connect with your company and makes them more likely to do business with you. 

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