Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Name A Business After Yourself

name a business after yourself

You have an idea, a passionate purpose that you want to dedicate your career to. Time to go into business…now, what do you call it?  The temptation to name a business after yourself is real. It might feel like you’re creating a legacy for your family that can be enjoyed in the generations to come. […]

Annual Business Analysis: The Key To A Successful Start After The Holidays

annual business analysis

The holiday season is filled with beauty but tends to be chaotic. It’s not uncommon to be running around with your hair on fire trying to get a thousand errands done while juggling multiple priorities. There are presents to buy, meals to cook, activities to plan, and guests to entertain. With all this commotion, it’s […]

Why You Need a CRM for B2B Marketing

Why You Need a CRM - What it's used for in B2B marketing

Do you have a CRM? Do you use it? Do you wonder what a CRM even is? If you are engaging in B2B marketing and sales, these are important questions to answer. From our perspective the best CRM is like the best sunscreen – it’s one that you use consistently. But many businesses are missing […]

8 Qualities of a Good Business Plan

a cup of coffee with a good business plan idea sketch

One of the first things we ask each new client is whether they have an up-to-date business plan. This puzzles some people. “What does my business plan have to do with redoing my website, or getting more leads?” More than you might think. Many owners think of a business plan as a complex document that’s […]

Why Should You Formalize Your Strategic Marketing Plan?

Two women outlining the importance of marketing planning

In the same way that companies seek to understand the needs of their clients so that they can deliver the most useful solutions, the purpose of a Strategic Marketing Plan is to understand the goals of a company and prepare the company’s foundation for growth. That growth cannot, and will not, happen efficiently without internal […]

Why Fractional CMOs are a Good Investment

What is a Fractional CMO? A Fractional CMO is an outsourced marketing executive that helps with customer acquisition, sales development, and company growth. They provide executive-level experience on a part-time basis, and their chief role is to translate the company’s vision into a strategic plan, complete with prescribed tactics to drive targeted victories. Is a […]

Is Your C-Suite Overly Crowded?

How to Achieve a Balanced Team While Executing the Company’s Vision Startup culture has altered the concept of the C-suite and impacted hiring practices for companies in their early stages. Inspired by the ever-expanding C-suites and the hierarchical structure of large enterprises, these small companies are enticing candidates, as well as investors, with lofty titles […]

Why Do New Entrepreneurs Always Get This One Thing Wrong?

It’s certainly not for the lack of motivation or enthusiasm that many new entrepreneurs fall short in their new endeavors. No, when it comes to launching their businesses, there’s one area they most often get wrong — and that’s marketing. Ok, let’s be honest, marketing is a challenge even for established businesses. Even those who […]

How to Make Your Life Easier with Digital Collaboration

With utilization of virtual teams and freelance hires at an all time high, finding ways to seamlessly work together is paramount in today’s workplace. As a result, there is an unprecedented number of tools designed to connect us and make work easier, but if you don’t start with a clear communication plan paired with a […]

Strategy vs. Implementation: Which One Creates Productive Growth?

You can have world-class implementation but without a strategy, how do you know it’s moving your company toward productive growth? First, let’s define productive growth by talking about what it’s not. I have seen numerous companies that have increased revenue without growing profitability, creating a long-term, sustainable business model, or even understanding the ramifications of […]

Why Gladiator Consulting Is A Better CMO Than I Will Ever Be

best fractional cmo team

There’s an old saying about being a “Jack of all trades, but a master of none.” I have come to find a slightly different saying to be more accurate: A Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. Unknown The needs of small businesses are diverse […]