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Case Study: The Bommarito Group Brand Refresh

The Bommarito Group is a pillar of the Central Texas architectural/engineering community. With more than 30 years of elegant, award-winning work, the company has gained a reputation for exceptional interiors and pristine design aesthetics. Gladiator Consulting partnered with the Bommarito Group to provide business development and marketing communications services, as well as a brand refresh, which included website and print materials.


Although the original website was eye-catching and colorful, it was not functioning well as a sales tool. Its content was inward-facing and didn’t account for visitors who weren’t existing customers or already aware of Bommarito’s capabilities. This website style is common within the architecture and engineering communities because their business development activities typically do not solely rely on website traffic. However, Bommarito’s site was a missed opportunity to convert potential clients who prefer to research a company before reaching out. Gladiator’s goals for the website refresh were to:

  • Create a consistent brand voice, including a tagline
  • Develop new sales content (value proposition, services descriptions, etc.)
  • Update the homepage to welcome the user and present the value proposition
  • Incorporate Bommarito’s high-end, luxury aesthetic
  • Personalize the user experience by adding content that acknowledges the visitor
  • Present Bommarito’s capabilities more effectively through a services page
  • Ensure all content reinforces Bommarito Group as the right choice for your next project

The original homepage was not as welcoming as modern users have come to expect. Upon landing, users were never addressed directly nor invited to become a customer. Instead, there was series of ambiguous questions presented in a full page, three-section slider that did not include an immediate or satisfying reward for the user’s interaction. The answer to each question was small and formatted in a table that wasn’t positioned in a way that suggested it was related to the section above. The value proposition and service offering needed to be front and center.

Gladiator developed the tagline “Fresh perspective for your environments” and coupled it with a value proposition that immediately communicates what Bommarito has to offer potential clients: prestige and excellence.

We introduced the Cormorant Garamond font to provide a sense of timeless elegance. The serif font immediately gave the site a more stylish, high-end appeal that couldn’t be achieved with Lato alone.

The rest of the page features full height, immersive images of the environments and experiences they create, which transition to links to read about their services, dive deeper into their work, or learn more about Bommarito as a company. The new homepage is punctuated with an enticing call to action for users who are looking for a beautiful space of their own.


Now the user has discovered the Bommarito Group web presence, but how do they know Bommarito is the correct fit for their project? Visitors to the original site may have discovered that information if they had the endurance to click through the many slideshows. Gladiator worked with the Bommarito team to simplify and concisely present their services alongside their beautiful work, which speaks volumes all on its own.


As we reviewed the content, we discovered a wealth of information behind the grid designs, but it had no context other than the highlighted navigation link at the top of the page. The users were presented with a sea of vibrantly colored boxes that provided very little insight into what they would find on the other side of a click. This uncertainty can lower the site’s credibility. Our solution was to continue to invite the user to explore the fun, yet sincere voice of the brand by filling in the blanks while supporting the value proposition and easing the user’s transition into the content.

Bommarito’s commitment to excellence is substantiated by their impressive collection of awards. To fully illustrate this, we pulled a few statistics onto the Awards page and created a counter, which lists the total number of awards, organizations, and projects, in addition to the average number of awards per year since 1988.


The website and the print collateral had been out of sync for quite some time. Upon launching the website, we set out to create harmony between these two crucial spaces. We finalized the execution of the brand by redesigning some of their most frequently used pieces.


The Bommarito Group uses trifolds specific to each client’s market sector as leave-behinds for big meetings. This education piece presented many visual problems, but ultimately set the standard for many of the key design elements. We refreshed the design of this valuable content piece and ensured its aesthetic was an accurate representation of the standard of quality the Bommarito team holds itself to.


Resumes are used to demonstrate the experience of critical team members, as well as provide basic licensing and affiliation information. Project sheets are representative of the firm as a whole. They can be standalone items or presented as part of a qualifications package. Gladiator ensured these tools aligned with Bommarito’s refreshed brand and effectively communicated the accomplishments and expertise of the firm and its members.


Our goal for Bommarito Group was to provide the firm with a visual identity that accurately represents its style and brand promise. By refreshing the aesthetic, developing a consistent brand voice and curating effective sales content, the Gladiator team built a foundation upon which Bommarito can continue to grow and expand its client base. Through the development of clear brand standards and guidelines, we set the stage for future content to remain consistent and coherent. The firm has developed an outstanding reputation within the community, and Gladiator cultivated a brand presence that aligns with the level of expertise, quality and integrity embodied by the Bommarito team.

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