Isaak Advisory Group
Case Study

Gladiator refreshed and expanded the visual system for Isaak Advisory Group (IAG) by combining brightly colored abstract photography, geometric shapes, and visual storytelling to guide viewers through interacting with the consulting firm and its content. From the website to collateral and client workshop templates to trade show booth design, everything works together to create a distinct visual language.

Results Highlights

Increased Recognition

2 Awards for the STaRT video in partnership with an animation team

Ongoing collaboration

5-year client relationship with multiple successful projects

Customized collateral

9-piece collateral system for customized client engagement


Since 2018, Isaak Advisory Group has been a stand out amongst consultants for the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry and our team has been there to support them along the way. In 2020, they engaged Gladiator (our Creative Director did their branding originally as a freelancer) to help them take their branding to the next level, starting with a video, to promote their strategic planning tool called STaRT.

In 2021, IAG had outgrown their Squarespace site and were looking for something a little more sophisticated. In addition to the visual aspects of their branding, there was  a need to expand their messaging to provide more public facing information on their service offerings.

Revamping the look of the website and collateral was met with a major visual challenge: using stock photography is not very common in the AEC industry because design firms spend thousands per year on custom photography. Even as an advisory firm and not a design firm, the standard still remained. In creating the original website and collateral, all photos were hand picked by the client from a personal collection. So, reimagining the look would take time and collaboration.

Various other projects have arisen as the relationship continues such as trade show booths and other collateral needs.


Every new project starts with an extensive discovery conversation with IAG founder, Mark Isaak, and other stakeholders. In our time together, we have been able to take his vision and execute it across both digital and print channels. Much of Gladiator’s work centered around expanding messaging and branding that could be used by IAG both in-person and in the digital space. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the IAG engagement:


  • Collaborated with client to develop a storyboard in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Illustratrated the static concepts for animation
  • Provided creative direction during engagement with animation subcontractor


  • Collaborated with the founder to position IAG as an advisory service for the AEC industry with experience in every business phase from planning to acquisition.
  • Facilitated messaging workshops to further define messaging for the 8 service lines and create visually engaging landing pages.


  • Expanded the visual system to represent the service structure and messaging updates.
  • Provided robust brand guidelines with fonts, colors, graphic elements and use instructions.


  • Supported transition from Squarespace to WordPress
  • Revamped the user experience to include landing page style service pages with integrated forms. 
  • We prioritized creating unique visuals for each service line for clearer user journeys.

Marketing Collateral

  • Designed a conference booth for in-person events that included a three-piece wall backdrop, pull-up banners and table cloth.
  • Created a bi-fold and rack card system for all 8 service lines.
  • Worked with the Founder to create a AEC Career Path placemat game board for events.
  • Developed clean and colorful business cards for all employees to use for networking.

Words from

Mark Isaak

IAG Founder

After the launch of IAG’s website, we experienced steady and continuous growth over our first four years. Our website design takes our vision and visually maps how it can be realized.

Nakevia has the unique ability to listen to another person’s vision and convert those words into a compelling and visual interactive experience. She takes a good idea and leverages her talent to transform it into a great idea!

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