Connect Tech and TalentCase Study

Gladiator implemented a new marketing strategy for Connect Tech & Talent featuring a fully rebranded and modernized online presence. Connect Tech & Talent was able to reduce C-Suite involvement in daily marketing operations and hired a salesperson to take advantage of their new collateral, messaging, and sales presentations.

Gladiator + Connect Tech and Talent

Results Highlights


New branding and online presence that better reflects where the company is now


Defined marketing strategy and cadence allowed for implementation with less CEO involvement


Enabled their first sales person with collateral, presentations, and messaging


Connect Tech & Talent (then ConnectTel) had been in business for more than 26 years, and relied solely on word-of-mouth referrals for growth. However, to reach new customers and expand their business, more intentional marketing efforts were necessary. The leadership team was unsure how to best engage with their target audience digitally.

Rebranding can be a daunting task for any company, but it was a necessary move for ConnectTel to thrive in the tech hiring industry. 

Refreshing the outdated name was a good place to start. Next, the company lacked messaging around the ways they serve their clients and candidate pool, creating confusion about what they do.

The absence of defined customer journeys added to the confusion, and without a strong marketing program or modern branding, Connect Tech & Talent was falling behind in the competitive landscape. But with the right changes, they would be poised for continued success well into the future.

Furthermore, the need to hire a salesperson was apparent, but the company struggled with successful sales enablement. Lastly, they required marketing collateral and templates that were easy to update. 

It’s not uncommon for companies to struggle with marketing efforts, especially when they lack the necessary resources, experience, and knowledge, which is why Gladiator is here to help.


Gladiator was an instrumental partner in supporting the development and implementation of Connect Tech & Talent’s marketing strategy. After gaining a thorough understanding of their needs, Gladiator sprung into action and created a comprehensive marketing strategy to carry Connect Tech & Talent into the future. The strategy consisted of:

  • A checklist-based marketing plan broken down into priority updates and actions performed on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis
  • A full rebrand including a new name, website, color scheme, messaging strategy, email campaign, and digital media content
  • New website content created in tandem with their overseas agency, including audience and service-specific messaging
  • Blog, social, and job post cadences
  • Collateral, presentations, and outreach email sequences for the brand-new sales department
  • A detailed process for testimonial and referral collection
  • An anniversary campaign showcasing their experience and expertise


Connect Tech & Talent revolutionized their business’ digital presence with the help of Gladiator’s innovative solutions. With a modernized approach, the company was able to more accurately reflect how they operate today. Most notably, CEO involvement in day-to-day marketing management was significantly reduced thanks to the successful implementation of Gladiator’s strategic plans. 

Connect Tech & Talent was even able to establish a solid foundation for their outsourced agency to execute a defined marketing strategy and cadence. As a result, they made a significant leap forward and even hired their first-ever sales representative. Thanks to the partnership with Gladiator, Connect Tech & Talent is well on its way to continued success in the tech hiring industry.

Words from

Amy Jones


The Gladiator team has provided our Firm with added resources in multiple areas of strategic marketing and communications expertise, acting as an extension of our own Team. They have provided leadership in plan development and hands-on expertise in areas including graphic design, writing, and editing, serving as a thought partner and advisor to our internal staff. Their positivity and responsiveness have allowed us to forge ahead in developing and implementing purposeful plans to pursue and win work in a very competitive environment.

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