Case Study

Gladiator created and implemented a unified communication strategy for Mcliff’s distributed sales team. With focused messaging across channels, Mcliff achieved increased brand awareness, stronger website lead generation, and faster-than-expected revenue growth.

Results Highlights

YoY Revenue Increase

By the end of 2022, revenue was up by 30% Year-Over-Year.

Improved visibility

All 5 locations had greatly improved their visibility on local searches.

More sales opportunities

Gladiator's efforts helped Mcliff in building relationships with new potential customers.


During the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, Mcliff saw an opportunity to provide vending services to businesses that would have otherwise been inaccessible in the pre-pandemic business climate. Many of these organizations once offered full-service cafeterias, but as in-person presence dwindled, many businesses eliminated their full-service food options. 

Mcliff saw these shifting business conditions as an opportunity to provide vending solutions to employees remaining at work who no longer had cafeteria services and to employees that would be returning to work soon. One of the steps Mcliff took to meet this opportunity was to hire a statewide fractional sales leader responsible for expanding Mcliff’s service areas, total sales volume, and offerings. But early on it was clear that Mcliff would need some help to achieve this mission.  

At the recommendation of their fractional sales leader, Mcliff hired Gladiator to help them create cohesive communication and increase brand awareness for their dispersed sales teams in five distinct geographic locations throughout Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and El Paso).


After conducting thorough competitor research and through discovery conversations with Mcliff leadership, we prioritized sales collateral for each of their services and updated the website to refine their messaging and visual brand. Much of Gladiator’s work centered around creating updated messaging and collateral that could be used by Mcliff in any of their operating locations. Additional work focused on increasing brand awareness through various social and digital media channels. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the Mcliff engagement:


  • Repositioned Mcliff as an “Employee Experience Company”
  • Created consistent messaging centered around Mcliff’s offerings
  • Re-wrote Mcliff’s website with new messaging and clear Calls to Action
  • Generated targeted email campaign


  • Standardized visual system with colors, fonts, design elements, and  imagery guidelines
  • Website Redesign with value-first content
  • Designed service signage for Mcliff’s coffee program 
  • Branded vending machine stickers

Marketing Collateral

  • Designed a bilingual trifold for Mcliff’s San Antonio location
  • Produced branded flyers and trifolds for Mcliff’s services including Micro Markets, Coffee, Vending, and Breakroom Refreshments 
  • Developed sales-enablement presentations designed for sales team members to convey Mcliff’s value propositions to clients 
  • Developed Canva Templates to empower the sales team to maintain brand standards while having the flexibility to create flyers for vendor-sponsored events on client campuses

Local Search

  • Created consistent branding in Google My Business for Mcliff locations in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and El Paso, including service definitions and curated photos

Social Media

  • Provided strategic guidance on required updates for the LinkedIn pages of each sales team member to reflect current offerings, branding, and professional profiles
  • Established a social media content and growth strategy
  • Implemented a regular social media cadence
  • Created consistent messaging and branding for company pages across each channel 
  • Increased focus on Mcliff’s events and services in social media posts


Implementing unified communication and increasing brand awareness for Mcliff was a success. By the end of 2022, revenue was up by 30% Year-Over-Year, with a significant increase in lead generation from the website. Additionally, all 5 locations had greatly improved their visibility on local searches due to Google My Business optimization, and geographically targeted messaging.Gladiator’s efforts also helped Mcliff in building relationships with new potential customers which led to more sales opportunities.

Words from

Amy Jones


The Gladiator team has provided our Firm with added resources in multiple areas of strategic marketing and communications expertise, acting as an extension of our own Team. They have provided leadership in plan development and hands-on expertise in areas including graphic design, writing, and editing, serving as a thought partner and advisor to our internal staff. Their positivity and responsiveness have allowed us to forge ahead in developing and implementing purposeful plans to pursue and win work in a very competitive environment.

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