Lysette Huriega

Graphic Designer

Say howdy to our new graphic designer, Lysette Huriega. Each new challenge she meets head on and works until she has reached a solution.
Having been raised on a ranch in Blanco, Texas, Lysette grew up with a strong work ethic in a beautiful environment. This encouraged her to begin to visually communicate the unique way she viewed the world.

Digging deep, Lysette found a passion for graphic art; but more specifcally, branding with food and beverages. She started collecting empty food packaging and cans for the unqiue labels. Collection and passion grew together, until finally, she turned her career path to visual design.

Now her focus has moved further away from print or packaging design and more into web and digital layout. Certified in computer illustration, she relies heavily upon her photo editing and vector skills.

A graduate of Graphic Design at Austin Community College, Lysette works hard to bring visual solutions to any and all communicative issues. A background of veterinary medicine helps her to observe and find points of contention between client and audience which allows her to apply user based experience in problem solving. Lysette values and obtains the ability to create designs which people can quickly comprehend and efficiently reach their goal.

Outside of the design world, Lysette spends most of her time going on outdoor adventures with her pup and painting projects with mediums ranging anywhere from skateboard decks to wall murals. She enjoys interacting with Austin’s massive and diverse art scene

“I creatively shape brand voice and set the tone with visual design.”
“I creatively shape brand voice and set the tone with visual design.”