Flexible Pricing for Fractional
Marketing Services

Wondering what Fractional CMO or marketing implementation support for your organization might cost?

Marketing Starts Right Where You Are.

We are a flexible Fractional CMO + Marketing Implementation team that can meet your company where you are. Our ultimate goal is to move our clients through each marketing support phase outlined below and eventually phase out after we have helped you build your own internal marketing department.

Fractional CMO + Marketing Operations (FCMO+O)


Set or Reset Your Foundation

Starting at



Typical Deliverables

Website Review

Social Media Review

Collateral Review

Brand Review

Brand Messaging Guide

Process Documentation

Account Creation

Basic Marketing Implementation (typically 
1 prioritized channel)


Create Alignment and Efficiencies

Starting at



Typical Deliverables

Includes Everything Listed 
Under Equip

Marketing Plan


Multi-Channel Marketing Implementation

Marketing Process Documentation

Brand Messaging Guide

Social Media Guidelines



Starting at



Typical Deliverables

Includes Everything Listed Under Equip and Fortify

Development of Multiple Marketing Sales Funnels

Fractional CMO (FCMO)





& Strategic Marketing Plans


In addition to marketing support levels being based on a business’s budget, goals, and the complexity of its marketing needs, there are add-on services that may impact the price of an engagement with Gladiator.

Expedited Timelines

We are not an agency. We work from planned schedules as often as possible. We understand that things come up and priorities change. The Gladiator team will do our best to meet our clients’ needs. However, after the third expedited request in a 60 day period, clients may be subject to rush fees.

Additional Meetings

Based on your budget, you will be allocated a meeting cadence and/or given a budget of meeting hours per month. Workshops and other discovery meetings do not count towards the budget. Any all day meetings, retreats, or recurring meetings outside of the original budget may incur hourly fees and travel/expenses.

Intensive Website Projects

Your website is a huge part of your marketing efforts and we will always work to make it the best it can be. New websites, rebuilds, redesigns, and ecommerce additions will be scoped as amendments to existing retainers, as this work requires extra time outside of managing the marketing cadence. Website projects can be done under retainers with the understanding that some marketing activities will need to slow or stop to accommodate the time commitment.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid ads are essential to growing your audience and we are happy to support this activity. The ad spend for paid campaigns is not included in our monthly fees. A budget will be recommended during the planning of the campaign and a payment method will need to be provided at launch.

Video Projects, YouTube, and Streaming

Gladiator will edit existing video, write scripts, schedule video posts to platforms, and art direct internal video teams when contract scope dictates. High production value videos, podcasts, and reoccuring video publishing will need to be negotiated during the contract phase. Any video work requests post-contract may be subject to additional fees. Video work includes but is not limited to video filming, editing, and/or production work.


Gladiator will support podcasts, if support activities are negotiated in the current contract. Podcast support is typically limited to promotional activities and project management. Podcasts recording, editing, and publishing is not currently in our offering, however we can accommodate these activities with subcontractors.

Custom Photography & Head Shots

All photography will be handled by third-parties at the clients expense. Gladiator can coordinate quotes, project manage, art direct, and support final image selection.

Press Run

All paid publication opportunities will be researched and presented to clients with budget recommendations. Gladiator will support the content creation and coordination with third parties. Client will be responsible for all PR expenses.

FCMO + Foundational Support

Basic Content Creation

Marketing support may also involve the creation of foundational marketing materials, such as simple social media posts, website content, or straightforward email marketing campaigns.

Limited Channels

The focus is often on a single marketing channel, such as social media or email, with minimal integration between channels. Analytics and reporting are typically limited in scope.


This is a good option for your organization if you:

  • Need a “proof of life” digital presence
  • Are going through a transitional phase like an acquisition
  • Are actively fundraising, but have operational capital
  • Have limited internal marketing support or need to extend bandwidth
FCMO + Intermediate Support

Strategy Development

This level involves more comprehensive marketing strategy development, including the identification of target audiences, competitive analysis, and setting clear objectives.

Content Creation

Businesses receive more sophisticated content creation services, such as blog posts, videos, and graphics designed to engage and convert potential customers.

Multiple Channels

Intermediate marketing support often extends to multiple marketing channels, such as social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and sales enablement.

Analytics and Reporting

More advanced analytics and reporting tools are employed to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Data-driven insights help fine-tune strategies.


This is a good option for your organization if you are:

  • Looking to expand marketing operations or supplement internal marketing bandwidth
  • Pursuing acquisition
  • Building alignment between sales and marketing departments
  • Optimizing and documenting marketing processes
  • Disengaging an ineffective marketing agency
FCMO + Advanced Support

Comprehensive Strategy

This level offers a holistic marketing strategy that encompasses various channels and touchpoints, both online and offline. It’s designed to create a seamless customer journey.

High-Quality Content

Businesses receive top-notch content creation services, including professionally produced videos, interactive content, and personalized marketing materials tailored to specific customer segments.

Multi-Channel Integration

Marketing efforts are coordinated across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent brand message and optimized customer experience. This can include social media, email, SEO, PPC, content marketing, influencer marketing, and even traditional advertising.

Advanced Analytics and Automation

Robust analytics tools and marketing automation platforms are utilized to track performance across all channels, allowing for real-time adjustments and personalized customer interactions.

Dedicated Team

Full-scale marketing support often includes a dedicated team of marketing experts, including strategists, content creators, designers, data analysts, and campaign managers.


This is a good option for your organization if you are:

  • A company that wants to grow your sales capabilities
  • Ready to scale quickly
  • Looking to build your marketing department in alignment with business goals
Fractional CMO (FCMO)

As a consultant, we assess and create a plan to align your business and sales goals with your marketing actions. We then consult with your internal marketing and sales departments to implement the plan.


At this level, businesses typically receive basic guidance and advice. This may include a one-time consultation or ongoing access to marketing professionals who provide recommendations on marketing strategies and tactics to be executed by your internal resources.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Starting with a marketing plan allows for a deep dive of the company and a thorough evaluation of where your company currently stands, where you want to be, and how we’ll get there. A marketing plan sets expectations and makes sure everyone is on the same page around marketing activities.

Business Plan

Through regular meetings with leadership and sales, we will align your marketing plan with the overall business goals to ensure that leadership, sales, and marketing are working together. By involving marketing in the business planning process, we can better help set realistic goals.

This is a good option for your organization if you:

  • Lacking executive-level leadership for marketing
  • Looking for a second opinion on growth strategy
  • Seeking exit strategy or transition planning

Planning Services


  • 1-2 products / 1-2 markets or industries
  • $7K+
  • (60 days)


  • Multiple products / Multiple markets or industries
  • $10 – $17K
  • (60 days)



  • $175-250/hr
  • Timeline Flexible
Find Out What Level of Marketing Support You Need

Our pricing is flexible and we are here to help. Smaller businesses may start with entry-level support and gradually scale up, while larger enterprises with more resources may opt for comprehensive, multi-channel support to maximize their marketing impact. Gladiator is your Fractional CMO complete with the internal resources to help set your marketing operations up for a strategic victory.

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