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Nakevia Miller

Nakevia Miller is our energetic, efficient, and dedicated Art Director. She handles all things creative and visual, including web design, content strategy, graphic design, and branding, as well as any other challenge a modern marketing professional faces.

As a designer and marketer, she takes pride in her ability to solve communication issues. How do we reach and engage an audience? Will this user experience inspire conversions or increase bounce rates? Thinking about the priorities and interests of the target audience allows her to identify obstacles and provide a strategic solution that forges a connection between the message and the audience.

Nakevia is passionate about building brands. She loves to watch companies grow as a result of her professionally designed and visually streamlined aesthetics.

Communicating the essence of a company through a single image or developing a system of imagery, colors and messaging to tell a story is the challenge she has dedicated her career to. A brand is a gift that keeps on giving, because it cannot live by templates alone. Brands require fresh, new applications to remain relevant, especially in the weary eyes of today’s consumer. Nakevia implements this perspective with every Gladiator project and looks forward to seeing what she can accomplish in her current position.

Nakevia is a Central Texan from the city of Taylor. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Communication Design from Texas State University. Our Art Director has produced award-winning work, including magazines and email newsletters.

Nakevia spends her most of her free time with her family. Her favorite pastimes are babysitting any of her six nephews and two nieces, or hanging out with either of her parents. She volunteers regularly with the Blackshear O.L. Price Ex-Students’ Association and has been instrumental in promoting and photographing the many community events and projects that take place in her hometown, including the 2018 opening of the Dickey Museum and Multipurpose Center.

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