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Kristine Bryant

There are 3 things that get me out of bed each day (and sometimes keep me awake at night). First, my family. Second, finding ways to help people and their companies grow. And third, the many learning opportunities presented in each person and project I encounter. Gladiator Consulting allows me to merge all three of these passions into a balanced solution for myself and for my clients.

I am uniquely positioned to work with companies to identify their business goals, create strategic initiatives to reach them and support those initiatives with marketing and business development plans, including messaging and collateral. My organized, precise and logical character brings a unique and collaborative perspective to any project team.

As the CEO and primary consultant for Gladiator, I work with small, medium, and new businesses to ensure that their business development, and marketing strategies, and collateral align to drive them towards the objectives in the business plan.

Quick facts about Kristine:

  • Born in Austin, Texas and honored to call Central Texas home, but loves to travel
  • BS in Biology from Southwestern University in Georgetown, minor area of focus in Communication
  • Executive MBA from the University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business, special focus on Marketing
  • 15 years of experience with the healthcare, technology and professional services industries

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