Katie Cline

Meet Katie Cline, our project manager that makes sure all of the plates keep spinning. She helps our clients develop business and marketing plans to meet their goals and works with the team to make them a reality.

With years of online marketing experience, Katie has developed, planned, and implemented strategic campaigns for email, web, video, and print. She loves figuring out the steps that are needed to turn big ideas into reality.

Her drive is to provide the clarity, organization, and planning that businesses need to succeed. She enjoys looking at a business from all angles and helping translate strategic vision into an actionable, well-rounded plan.

Prior to joining Gladiator, Katie spent more than 10 years working with small businesses in arts, construction, and publishing. She started with a small financial publisher in 2008 when they were a handful of people working out of one side of a duplex and was able to grow with the organization to eventually become Marketing Director. Now, Katie enjoys using her marketing and planning skills to help a variety of clients across multiple industries.

A naturalized Texan, Katie has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Outside of Gladiator, Katie is the President of the Board for the Let’s Play Program, a nonprofit using video games for Social and Emotional Learning among at-risk secondary students. She is also an avid and accomplished ballroom dancer.

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