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10-at-10: How Our Team is Connecting During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our Inspiration

Last week, our CEO, Kristine, shared this post written by Deborah Knuckey of Kiterocket. In the post, she describes a new ritual for her team: Nine at Nine. “It’s a quick 9:00 am check-in where each person lists: three things to know, three priorities for today, and three things they need.”

Her example list was a vulnerable mix of personal and professional:

via Deborah Knuckey

Our team’s favorite quote? “All cake is therapeutic.” We definitely agree. Now is the time to eat all of the cake.

Making it Our Own: 10 at 10

Our team was inspired by this post to start our own version of this practice to help us connect each day. Since we are not all early risers, we decided to make our standing check-in at 10 am. 

On the second day, our Art Director, Nakevia, added one more item: a VICTORY. We all decided to do this going forward, making our version of this practice 10-at-10 (which sounds better than 9 at 10 anyway).

We have 30 minutes blocked off on our calendars every morning to bring this ritual into our daily agenda. Since we are all busy, adding this time to the calendar helps us remember to connect. 

We share our lists over Slack in a dedicated channel, giving each team member a little more flexibility to participate when they’re ready. 10-at-10 is optional, but so far all of our core team has participated every day, even if they’re not always able to chime in right at 10.

The Results (So Far)

We started this practice on March 23, and, so far, it has helped us grow closer as a team even while we are spread apart. It is helpful to know that other team members are facing the same strangeness and struggles as we adapt to the uncertainty. We are also better able to encourage each other toward our goals and celebrate our victories together. 

We want to share some of our favorite quotes in this post. Client names have been redacted for privacy.


Kristine shared the term she uses for goals that she wants to complete during the quarantine. Of course, this hashtag had already been started, and we highly recommend checking it out on Twitter and Instagram. 

Want to see more? We will be sharing more quotes and #coronagoals from our team on our social media channels in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us.

Will It Continue?

10-at-10 started specifically as a way for our team to connect during this time of uncertainty when we can’t see each other face to face every day. In time, the practice may change in frequency or in format, but the habit of honest communication and regularly sharing our goals and roadblocks will continue to have value.

Only 5.9% of companies communicate goals daily. We are proud that our team is able to share our priorities and victories each day. There will always be parts of our jobs that are challenging, but when we can talk about those pain points as a team, we will be happier and more productive people inside and outside of working hours.

Our biggest asset is our team, and we hope that your organization feels the same way.  What are you doing to create connection with your team during this trying time? 

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