Fractional CMO

Do you need a fractional CMO?

You Need

You do not have a strategy that connects your marketing efforts to your business goals

You Need

You are lacking a foundation of processes to transition strategy into implementation

You Need

You aren't measuring how your marketing efforts are contributing to growth

You Need

Your marketing team is disconnected from sales and cannot facilitate sales enablement initiatives

Business-First Marketing for Your Small Business

Your business goals are the lifeline of your company and marketing is one of the tools to ensure the flow of business. Are your goals aligned with your efforts? Gladiator Consulting designs your marketing efforts through strategy, the bridge between your goals and your marketing activities.

By combining marketing strategy, creative direction, implementation, and measurement, we optimize your marketing to drive growth.

Marketing Leadership & Strategic Plans

Marketing Plan

  • Go-to-market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Positioning
  • Messaging

By combining marketing strategy, creative direction, implementation, and measurement, we optimize your marketing to drive growth.

Creative Direction & Brand Management

Brand Management

  • Establishing or refining the visual direction
  • Maintaining consistency across marketing channels
  • Developing templates for collateral
  • Voice & messaging
  • Content strategy and processes

Marketing Implementation & Analytics


  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email


  • Tracking progress toward goals
  • Social analytics
  • Website analytics
  • Email a


Assess where you are, where you want to go, and what steps are needed to get there

What are your challenges?
Tell us what about your business is keeping you up at night. Where are you finding it difficult to reach your goals?

What are your goals?
Your goals form the foundation of all our efforts. We can help you refine your existing goals or let us define them together through a guided workshop.

What is working?
We analyze what your business is doing well and determine how to build on it.

In-Depth Reviews
Our Gladiators thoroughly review your website, collateral, and digital marketing to create prioritized action items based on our years of experience.


Build a plan to ensure every step takes you closer to your goal

Audience Definition & Messaging
Identify your most valuable target audience and create messages to address what’s important to them at each touchpoint of their buying journey.

Prioritized Activities
Focus your resources on the activities that are most important to driving value for your customers and reaching your business goals.

Cross-Channel Alignment
Ensure that all of your marketing resources and activities are aligned to work efficiently toward your goals.

Defining Measurements
How will you know if you have succeeded? We help you identify the measurements to track progress toward your goals.


Execute your strategic plan and adapt as needed

Cross-Channel Organization
Gladiator provides cohesive cross-channel management of your marketing activities for better results. This includes:

  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Email
  • Collateral
  • Social
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Business Development

Integration of Dispersed Activities
We coordinate the activities of your existing marketing team members or freelancers as well as our own (as needed) to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals.

Leverage Existing Resources
We make the most out of the marketing and sales collateral you already have by identifying where it can be most useful and how it can be improved.

Create New Resources
Based on your strategic marketing plan, we create new collateral and content as prioritized.

Support Existing Staff
Our drive is to support your team in achieving your goals, not to replace them. We customize our implementation scope based on your available resources and can provide templates and training to develop your team.


Track progress toward your goals and adjust activities based on data

Understand where you are now in relation to the goals and benchmarks outlined in your strategy with transparent reporting.

We make regular assessments of the effectiveness of strategies and make changes based on what we learn.


Let’s set a strong foundation for your business from the beginning!

Words from

Our Victors

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Gladiator in two of my executive roles. They provided support to all strategic initiatives, from speaking engagements and events to website updates and driving thought leadership. Gladiator elevated and streamlined the presentation of our service offering, while giving each company a visual language all its own. Their ability to present highly technical material in a way that can be easily understood has been of enormous value.

    Joel Bagnal

  • Gladiator Consulting has been a great strategic partner in helping us develop and market the vision of BLNDED. They have been a day one supporter, helping us realize our true potential in creating a more inclusive business, tech, and media ecosystem. 

    Naji Kelley

    BLNDED Media
  • Gladiator has been able to help raise awareness and generate interest in our disruptive technology on a limited and constrained budget. They have impressed us and performed remarkably well.

    James P. Koen, CEO

    Midas Green Technologies LLC
  • The Gladiator Team is amazing! They touched every aspect of Vericlave’s marketing. We worked hard to explain technical concepts in simplistic terms and the resulting infographics and animated videos were fantastic! The team shared monthly metrics for web traffic, social media, the newsletter, and email campaigns. I enjoyed working with the entire Gladiator Team so much, I have referred them to other businesses.

    Carolyn Jenkins


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