7 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer Through Design

By Lysette Huriega

Oh the holidays. Bright lights, fake snow (in Austin anyway) and red and green as far as the eye can see. Making design choices can feel tiresome and overwhelming at this time of year. 

We’ll share some ways to spread holiday cheer and delight audiences by giving your brand a festive voice without breaking your branding design system. Keep reading for tips on how to jolly up your brand.

Dress Up Your Team and Families

Christmas is a great excuse to organize a team photo op, let loose, and be goofy. Whether it is in person or virtual, get everyone to participate. A group theme can take it even further. These are great assets all season for cards, newsletters, or social media.

Expand your company culture by inviting family members and pets to join the fun! From matching pajamas to giving your dog reindeer antlers, a glimpse of life at home gives substance to your brand. Here are some examples of great holiday photo ops.

Animated Ecards

Show your customers you appreciate their business with an animated ecard to spread that merry vibe. Creating engaging experiences with a burst of joy keeps your brand relevant during this highly marketed season. Here is a list of great websites to make your own ecard.


If you combine team headshots into one of those funky dancing elves cards, you can serve a hearty chuckle with your holiday cheer.

Joyful Zoom Backgrounds

Brighten your virtual meetings with festive backgrounds that put the jolly in your holly. Branding a cozy backdrop can be a great way to spread good vibes as you close  your year.

Festive Social Media

Outfitting your everyday social media page banner or teams’ profile pictures with some holiday elements, such as bows, lights, holly leaves, and garland, can bring joy to your brand, increase interest, and reach larger audiences. Additionally, you can use holiday design in the graphics of posts, video overlays and even use the cute holiday emojis in the captions.

Heartfelt Seasonal Collateral

Who doesn’t love gifts? Lean into this season of giving by branding cozy and wintery holiday swag. Gifting a branded mug or a beanie during these cold months can get more people interacting with your brand. New Year’s party favors with your logo extends the fun and thoughts of your business as they celebrate.

Cheery Website Fonts

Have your web developer swap out your normal web fonts for a decorative font to bring warmth and cheer to your domain. Script fonts sing Christmas, while decorative and ornamental fonts add a playful voice to design. 

Have fun, but remember your audience. Keeping script text large and with a lot of character spacing shows elegance and allows for readability. Overall, script is most effectively used as heading or accent text. Ornamental and decorative fonts are best used sparingly in display settings. You also want them to be web-friendly so everyone visiting your site has access to the cheer.

Holiday Logo

Be present this year with a holiday logo makeover. Adding a personal touch to your mark shows that you’re embracing the Christmas spirit and adding to the joy. You could give it a Christmas-y color scheme, add a popular icon such as an ornament, or even create a holiday setting for your logo to exist in. The most important thing to remember when changing your logo is to keep it looking like your logo

When you think of the possibilities in bringing festiveness to your brand, you might envision a glittery, red and green tangled mess. To keep the design from breaking and let your logo keep its dignity, remember to keep it simple. Read this article for more ideas and tips.


The more consistent you are with your branded holiday design, the more your brand will grow. Sprinkling the spirit throughout the visual style gives your brand a festive life. Most of all, participating in the Yuletide fun keeps audiences’ eyes on your business in this busy time of year.

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