MediaTech Ventures is a venture development group and holding company that connects innovation with capital. Their customers are the capital providers of Media: the employers, city and public interests, investors, and brands that fuel the economy through their interests in creative entrepreneurs.

Gladiator Consulting provided branding and website design and development, in addition to strategic planning and support.


Original Logo

New Logo and Visual Identity System

MediaTech Ventures is a dynamic organization that is constantly innovating and bringing new ideas to life. Our goal was to make their visual language flexible and energetic in order to keep up with their leaders. The original logo did not represent the collaborative nature of the organization. The client was setting out to create custom, regional programs to support startups, entrepreneurs, and creators by partnering with municipalities and investors.


Award Winning Design

  • 2020 Vega Digital Awards – Arcturus Winner
  •  2019 Graphic Design USA – American Web Design Awards


The content strategy for this project set out to answer the questions “Who is MediaTech Ventures?” and “What do they do?” quickly and effectively. We did this by identifying their 3 core personas and developing individual value stories to support their specific needs and desired outcomes. The UX was improved by distilling the high level conversation into a digestible format and then inviting users to self-identify for a more relevant discussion. The homepage also featured an on-page chatbot.

Company Initiatives

It was important to show the impact and reach of their work, so we prioritized displaying stats and key community connections. They had a large portfolio of successful events that could be duplicated to support other organizations. We created a streamlined way to display them with an accordion.

User Landing Pages

These pages were designed to illustrate the value of collaborating with MediaTech Ventures by identifying and aligning the potential goals of the user with use cases.


Email Template

This Mailchimp email template was designed to mirror the website branding and is used to send updates to investors and the MediaTech community.

Global Media Initiative Flyer

We extended the MediaTech Ventures branding to this physical flyer used to launch their Global Media Initiative at SXSW.

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