HHS is a forerunner in the operational service support industry, and as Gladiators, our core objective for this client was to increase its user engagement through design. Our strategies resulted in targeted victories through beautiful brand implementation, streamlined user journeys, and seamless sales contacts. The new website easily guides users through the service offerings for each industry and allows them to connect with the HHS sales team while prioritizing a mobile-friendly experience.


  • Homepage optimizations decreased the bounce rate on the homepage from an average of 62.5% to an average of just 35.8% with the new design. That’s a 42.7% improvement.
  • Landing page methodology and custom form fields led to site-wide contact form completion rates increasing by 434% on the new site compared to the same time period the year before.
  • We accomplished the client’s goal of increased engagement. Comparing March – December 2019 to the same time period the year before, the organic traffic bounce rate decreased 14.9%, while time on site increased 21.7%pages per session increased 33.3%,  and organic traffic contact form submissions increased 429.6%!
  • SEO improvements resulted in 369% increase in organic search impressions and a 193% increase in clicks. Our strategies improved HHS’ search ranking on 14 out of 18 strategic key terms, including allowing them to rank for 8 terms they had not ranked for previously.


Award Winning Design

  • 2020 Vega Digital Awards – Arcturus Winner
  • Graphic Design USA 2019 Health & Wellness Awards
  • 2019 Summit Creative Award – Bronze


Gladiator wanted to celebrate the HHS brand with a visual evolution. We transitioned the ornate use of color gradients and bubbles to a design system that used color for wayfinding. Gladiator worked with their in-house design team to develop an iconography system that adds visual interest while quickly guiding the user through their service offering. Storytelling was crucial to meeting HHS’ engagement goals. We strategically implemented headlines, text chunking, and graphics to guide the user through the website. Icons at the top of the web page, such as wheelchairs, call out the theme of each service page. The new design system leads the user through each set of services by industry and allows them to follow relevant information paths and convert using custom forms for each industry.


HHS presents their offering industry-first and the original navigation did not demonstrate the breadth of their offering or give users the opportunity to choose their path to information. We implemented sitemap style navigation to make information more accessible across the site.

Industry Landing

We focused on communicating value through storytelling and landing page methodology for the Industry Landing Pages. Incorporating forms on these pages was one of the factors that drove the 429% increased in form completion. The service line offering section was revamped with lifestyle photos to quickly communicate the goal of the service, while adding a warm inviting human touch. We demonstrated the value HHS brings to that industry, followed by demonstrating that HHS has an entire staff dedicated to serving those customers. We had a goal of promoting HHS’ extensive thought leadership strategy, which we accomplished by using tags to pull relevant content by industry. This activity also supported SEO strategy by increasing internal linking.

Service Line

We carried the storytelling focus through to the 3rd level of the site. On the Service Line pages, the visitor can dive deeper into how engaging HHS for that particular service will enhance their business outcomes.

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