EEA Consulting Engineers is a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering firm that was founded in 1977. EEA has grown from their initial energy conservation services to providing full MEP design, Commissioning, and support services across all market sectors.

Gladiator Consulting provided strategic design and marketing support to the EEA internal marketing and business development team. We worked with them to expand the visual brand, implement new collateral designs, and clarify messaging. This culminated in an award-winning website redesign project.


Branding Expansion

Our goal was to enhance their visual identity by adding branding elements that would make them more distinct and recognizable.


Our first step in updating the branding was to prescribe a set of fonts that visually complimented the logo.


We then expanded their color palette to include secondary colors in order to create more visual flexibility.

Design Elements

The icons were designed to represent the market sectors that EEA provides MEP engineering solutions for. Diagonals were also added to page layouts to create visual interest.


Over the length of our engagement we worked with the EEA team to develop a tagline that represented their value proposition, their culture, and their commitment to their clients. “Thoughtful Engineering. Shared Success.” is the culmination of their vision.


Award-Winning Website Redesign

The Gladiator team identified ways to improve the user experience and encourage visitors to take specific actions. The project included design, copy, and functionality improvements to apply best practices and improve website engagement.

2020 Graphic Design USA American Web Design Award


Overall the site was pretty dark because of the grey background. We brightened it up by implementing the branding expansion colors throughout the site and changing the background color to white.

For the Homepage, we decided to scale back to a full screen slider that draws the user in by showcasing some of the beautiful and high-profile projects that EEA has been MEP engineer of record for.


Market Sectors

The Market Sector pages were rewritten to present the value that EEA brings to the space. The new layout design included the use of icons and secondary colors, as well as relevant projects and a CTA to contact EEA to learn more.


As with the Market Sector pages, we conducted extensive interviews with EEA principals to rewrite the service pages. We broke up the text on the pages with headlines, icons, relevant projects and case study highlights. 



This page features a quick facts section next to the image slider so that visitors can have an at-a-glance reference to the scope of the each project before diving into the specifics of the write up.


This page is home to a lot of information. Our redesign removed the sidebar and reorganized the information to more effectively tell EEA’s story.



Business Cards

The business cards were redesigned to incorporated the  new tagline, fonts, and design elements.

Firm Profile

The firm profile features an infographic that presents the findings of their customer satisfaction survey, as well as their many honors and accolades. 

EEA Firm Profilecrop


EEA uses pop-up displays for events. We designed across 3 stands to create an interchangeable display. 

  • Panel 1: General EEA value proposition
  • Panel 2: EEA capabilities, locations, and web address
  • Panel 3: Market sector or department specific, i.e. HR for recruiting

Project Sheet Template

As with all AE clients, presenting their qualifications in a branded format was a high priority. We redesigned the layout to include their market sector icons, new design elements, and plenty of images.

EEA Project

Resume Templates

The last qualifications templates were two resume layouts: one with extra project photos along with a standard long form resume. 

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