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Case Study: ABRAXAS Technology Branding

When developing ABRAXAS Technology’s brand, we asked the client to tell us who they wanted to be and what they wanted to bring to the outdoor advertising industry. We consolidated the brand story down to a group of key words, which became the building blocks of their brand.


The word “Abraxas” has made many appearances throughout Egyptian and Greek mythology in association with supreme rule, knowledge, and wakeful vigilance. This mythical creature is often depicted as a human torso, with the head of a rooster and two snakes as legs, holding an oval shield. The client requested that we also try to incorporate an ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail, to symbolize infinity or the tree of knowledge. We explored many visual concepts, but decided to pay homage to the ancient character with a streamlined and modern abstraction of the rooster, snakes, and shield. The ouroboros is traditionally depicted as a circle, but we chose an oval shape and isometric tilt to symbolize the forward-thinking momentum we set out to embody. A strong and vibrant color palette rounds out the visual identity for ABRAXAS.

Various sketches from the logo development process


The theme of momentum embodied by the logo also influenced the photography choices. ABRAXAS Technology captures impressions as they zoom by, so we pulled images with light trails and used signage mockups to add dimension to the graphics.


The visual theme was carried over to ABRAXAS’ web presence. This landing page makes a bold statement as it presents the ABRAXAS story in a visually striking way. It opens with a simple mission statement accompanied by a famous quote in the advertising industry that illustrates the necessity for measurement in this space. From the beginning, the team created content to address the company’s two target audiences: owners of outdoor advertising properties and their clients, advertisers. We quickly formulated a solution to address both personas in the form of a checklist. As the visitor continues to scroll, they are introduced to the technology using an isometric infographic that breaks down how the products work together. The story is rounded out by pricing, an introduction to the team members, and an opportunity to contact the team.

This project was required to be accessible to people with color sensory deficiencies. As an important part of the design process for websites created by Gladiator Consulting, the site was tested against three types of colorblindness and optimized for maximum visibility. As the user scrolls through the site, the background changes from black to white. This design creates a rhythm that keeps the user engaged, as they transition from sales content (black) to product and company facts (white).

This landing page acts as a sales tool because it tells the ABRAXAS story while answering the key questions that a user requires of a new product:

  • “What does it do?”
  • “Who is it for?”
  • “How does it work?”
  • “How much does it cost?”

The story ends with an opportunity to contact the team to learn more about how ABRAXAS can help them measure the success of their advertising efforts.


*This website was edited after Gladiator Consulting’s work concluded. The original design and content are displayed above.


After completing a comprehensive exploration of the client’s vision for ABRAXAS, we were able to create a visual identity that communicates the innovation, power, and motivation embodied by the company and its employees. Through incorporation of symbolic mythical creatures, a bold color palette, captivating visual elements and an eye-catching web presence, we delivered a strong and recognizable aesthetic that is sure to increase brand recognition, support lead generation and drive sales conversions.

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